Clay By Bond


    Clay By Bond is a ceramic universe in which Trine Birgitte Bond experiments with the structures, transience and beauty of nature. Trine works within the tension between art and design, and finds inspiration in the rich and diverse life of the sea hidden beneath the surface, the geology of chalk, flint and lime, and the earth's unique surface structures. 'Nature's masterpieces' she describes, among other things, are lake anemones, corals and mushrooms. She invites these masterpieces up onto land so their beauty can be enjoyed.

    The UNESCO heritage Stevns Klint has been a particular subject of Trine's curiosity and ceramic work. Stevns Klint tells the story of the extinction of dinosaurs 65 million years ago, when scientists found iridium in fish clay. In the inner and outer landscape of the cliff, there are many stories waiting to be explored...

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