Pernille Lauridsen


    A native of Copenhagen, this is where Pernille both creates and shows her universe of handcrafted jewellery. All jewelry is made by Pernille herself with precious metals, freshwater pearls and precious stones in bright colours.

    Her fabulously creative mind delights in the endless possibilities of her craft. Everything she does is intuitive. The design process is always a playful journey with a flow of adventures. You instantly feel the light and stories that the design process keeps hidden in the precious metals, pearls and stones.

    Pernille has always been drawn to the shapes of the ocean. The natural asymmetrical flow with which the waves create geometric shapes offers a certain balance and ease. This aligns perfectly with the gentle pearl shapes and how they absorb the light in a soft and feminine way.

    This jewelry is designed for the playful person. It is not limited to gender, profession or age: its more of a feeling.

    12 products

    12 products