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We love beautiful design //

FindersKeepers Shop is the digital extension of our popular Design Markets. Here on the webshop, you'll find a wide selection of all the hottest design products that we love.

We find the most talented, inspiring and creative designers and artists and select design products that you can purchase on our webshop. Our mission is to find designs that can't be easily found - from established design brands to the newest design entrepreneurs.

All designs on the webshop are hand-selected based on high demands for quality and visual identity - and that the products have a story to tell. Our mission for the webshop is to inspire and make the online design experience something very special for you. We never compromise on quality, from the artisanal design of the products to their unique aesthetic design language.

“Although design is available and can be bought in many places, we think that the world was missing a webshop where one can find the completely unique items, get inspired and get the feeling of a complete online design universe.”

FindersKeepers Shop is for both established and upcoming designers. However, it is important to us that the webshop is particualrly a platform where newly-hatched designers can get their designs out into the world. We are passionate about giving them a push in the right direction and making a difference for the talented designers that we truly believe are going to make a mark on the design of the future – especially those who currently do not have the opportunity to sell their own products online. By leaving the trade to FindersKeepers Shop, the designers can focus on what they are best at: creating beautiful designs!

We hope you like FindersKeepers Shop and that you find both inspiration and exactly the products that you will love. If you have questions, praise or comments, please contact us - we are ready to help.

Who are we

Herle Jarlgaard Hansen

Founder & CEO

Rasmus Bach Edlund

Co-Founder & COO

Kathrine Gram Hvejsel

Head of Product Design

Emma Emilie Christensen

Head of Graphic Design

Our history

This webshop adventure started in January 2018, where I - Herle Jarlgaard Hansen - passed on the design market torch after 7 years as CEO of FindersKeepers to be able to invest big and put all my energy into making the webshop dream a reality. For the next six months, I have worked intensively with partner Rasmus Bach Edlund, e-commerce and IT specialist, to realize FindersKeepers Shop: An online portal for the most inspiring design products. In this blog post, we would like to tell about the journey from idea to realized webshop and our thoughts behind.

With over 7 years in the industry, we know of someone that Denmark has extremely many talented designers and brands. Although there are many places where design is available and can be purchased, we think that there is a lack of a webshop where you can really find the completely unique things, get inspired and get the feeling of a complete online design universe. FindersKeepers Shop is therefore not only a shopping portal, but also an inspiration universe.

With the webshop we can get to all corners of Denmark. Unfortunately, we have not had the opportunity to create markets in the cities of Aalborg and Odense this year, but through the webshop, the whole of Denmark can now unconditionally discover the new design stars.

We have had a fantastic start, and there have been many visitors past the webshop. It really means a lot to us - we are so grateful that you have welcomed our new concept so well. We started in the Nordics, where we sent designs to Denmark, but now FindersKeepers Shop has also opened up to the EU!

The webshop will certainly not replace our design markets but should be seen as an extension of our design universe. The markets will always be very special and provide an experience beyond the ordinary. You will therefore not do without our physical design markets in the future - they are still a fundamental part of FindersKeepers.

But at FindersKeepers Shop, the inspiration and design will be available all year round. We think that it should be an experience to buy design - both physically and digitally. At the webshop you will find selected categories such as designer furniture, living, jewelry, fashion, accessories and artwork. And new, exciting products are constantly being added. Click past and go exploring yourself!

Thank you for reading! We look forward to embarking on a new adventure with you.

Kind regards Herle and Rasmus