Blue Station


    Blå Station is a family business. They live in what used to be a sewing factory in Åhus, on Sweden's southeast coast, where the sea is as rough as they are.

    When they moved in in the spring of 1986, we placed a few furniture prototypes in one corner of the building. And in the beginning, before their production was up and running, they filled empty echolocation rooms with art exhibitions and jazz concerts. It was fun and the place became our "Station" - which they thought was an appropriate name. Because at a station something is always happening - a constant stream of changes.

    Blå Station is driven by a desire to put furniture into production that deserves a place on the market. Curiosity is their fuel. They keep searching, not for the already known and established, but for the unexpected, not yet discovered. For them, it is not enough that a product has never been shown before. For it to be considered new, it must be able to demonstrate a new attitude towards form, function, material or the industrial production process. New furniture must be better for something and offer an alternative to what already exists.

    14 products

    14 products