Price guarantee

Have you found the item cheaper elsewhere?

Then write to us - or call us on +45 31794131 - that way we'll know! :)

To use our price guarantee, the goods being compared must be exactly the same - i.e. have the same EAN number (bar code). If you find e.g. a T-shirt at a reduced price in size XL, we cannot always offer you the same reduced price for one in size S.

In addition, these individual requirements must be met:

  • You must have documentation for the price to be matched. This can be in the form of a link to the website.
  • The item must be in stock in the store or online store we match.
  • The price guarantee only covers goods that are subject to Danish rules for VAT, customs, warranty and consumer protection.
  • The price guarantee applies to goods that are actually available and thus not a part of queue offers, bundle offers, campaigns, discount codes and/or offers with limited quantities and/or time.
  • The price guarantee does not apply to offers that require membership such as shopping associations or any form of payment to access the offer.
  • You can only buy one product at the matched price. (Unless we agree otherwise)