Studio Sidsel Space


    Studio Sidsel Space was founded by designer Sidsel Søgaard Spas, which is equal parts laboratory and playground for surface design; colors, textures and surfaces. Sidsel is concerned with exploring and pushing the boundaries of the possibilities and expression of materials. Starting with simple forms, she creates unique and playful objects for you and your home. 

    All designs are handmade in Nørrebro with respect for the material's characteristics and personality. Sidsel tries to tweak and tame materials in production, using different techniques and dogmas – an approach that gives each individual object its very own expression.

    Studio Sidsel Space is on a mission to make everyday life more colorful and playful - with consideration. The design objects are created based on a low-waste philosophy, where material residues are reused for new experiments, just as all materials are non-toxic to you or our planet. Sidsel loves her objects and therefore gives them names :)

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