Olivia Rohde


    Olivia Rohde graduated from the Danish School of Media and Journalism in 2015 with a professional bachelor's degree in Photographic Communication and has since worked full-time as a freelance photographer - primarily in fashion and portrait photography. In addition to her commercial work, Olivia strives to maintain the creative and experimental in photography, which was what she originally fell in love with. Olivia has participated in various collabs with artists and photographers and held exhibitions around Copenhagen.

    Regarding her approach to photography, Olivia says: “For me to find a project interesting and relevant, it requires context. Context that gives the images a depth and a connection with something further. I would describe my images as a form of "abstract visual proof" - the motifs should emphasize my point and guide the viewer to understanding. I think it is important that everything is considered in order to lead the viewer properly to his interpretation. When my projects exist in physical spaces, the viewer must sense that I have been there and made conscious choices. That way, a connection is created between me and the viewer without me being there. ”

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