Camilla Glad

Camilla Glad is a trained designer from the Danish School of Design. She likes to work in different materials, but it is the ceramic material that occupies her most, and which she works with full time in the workshop in Copenhagen.

She alternates between producing smaller series of functional objects such as bowls and cups and, on the other hand, works where the primary function is the artistic narrative of the material's touch surface and sensual quality. It is quite conscious that her works are most often in the field between art and design, for it is Camilla's view that craftsmanship is important in our modern times. It contributes positively to people's lives to surround themselves with material and special objects made with love and reflection.

The material and the craft are the biggest source of inspiration for Camilla Glad. Working experimentally with colors, patterns and techniques. To put the ceramics into a contemporary artistic context, so that there is always development in the work and something that needs to be investigated. Clay is a material that must be processed with care. It is a slow work process where one has to be present and notice where the material is in the process.

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