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julie damhus- toto bowl- kollektion
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julie damhus - toto bowl- brun
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julie damhus- toto bowl- lille- kollektion

Toto Bowl // Brown

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The Toto bowls are both decorative and functional - for salads, oatmeal or delicious snacks. They are available in three different sizes and can be stacked on top of each other, so there is room for even more beautiful ceramics in the cupboards.

All Toto products from Julie Damhus are designed in Denmark and made in a workshop in Poland. The glazing on each product is unique and there may be small, charming color differences on the products.

Material // Stoneware, dishwasher safe
Sizes // Large, medium and small

Toto Bowl // BrownToto Bowl // BrownToto Bowl // BrownToto Bowl // Brown

Julie Damhus is a Danish ceramicist and product designer who graduated from Design School Kolding in 2014. With design in her background, Julie approaches the world of ceramics with a clean and simple style.

These ceramics are hand-turned, and maing each product unique, bringing its own own life and small details. The process behind hand-turned ceramics requires concentration and attention to craft every single product. The idea is that each cup and bowl should be unique, but pair with the other products in this collection. Julie works with classic hand turning techniques and traditional craftsmanship when she makes her pottery.

These unique colors and shapes come from Julie's imagination and desire to play with the clay and its possibilities. The style is often feminine and simple with an edge, including fine details that surprise in the form of unique curvatures in the design and the gloss of the glaze.

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