PICNIC Wool Rug //
PICNIC Wool Rug //

PICNIC Wool Rug //

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I samarbejde med kunsteneren Emilia Ilke, har Layered skabt tæppet Picnic. Inspireret af keramik, fotografi og mode omfavner Emilia hverdagens objekter og giver dem en plads på dette smukke tæppe.

Tæppet er håndvævet i uld, hvilket gør det helt unikt. Dette kan dog resultere i små variationer i størrelse og farver.

Materiale // Uld

Rengøring // Støvsug regelmæssigt. For mere grundig rengøring anbefales rens

Fjern pletter // Tør pletten forsigtigt af med et max af lunken vand og sæbe. Absorber overskydende væske med en tør mikrofiberklud

PICNIC Wool Rug //PICNIC Wool Rug //PICNIC Wool Rug //

Layered is a Swedish interior brand that offers both carpets and furniture of the highest quality. Layered's collections are selected very carefully, so that they both follow the movements of the times, but are also classic enough not to go out of style. Layered was started by the talented Malin Glemme, who is the company's current creative director.

Layered wants to make products that can last a lifetime. All products have a timeless look, and the materials are carefully selected for their sustainable properties.

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