About Pura Utz

PURA UTZ was founded by Anna Waller Andrés in 2013 when she travelled to Guatemala in order to create a meaningful company – and to find a meaningful direction in life. Anna had a vision of paving the way for the independence of Mayan women and thus giving them the opportunity to gain a larger influence on their future through fashion.

PURA UTZ means pure quality. However, the name has several different meanings. PURA UTZ stands for high quality and social responsibility. All the products are produced on the basis of the principle of honoring the amazing women who create the products – and providing them a stable income. This, PURA UTZ calls an empowerment project, as their values consist of more than just providing the women an income.

At PUTA UTZ, they acknowledge the existence and the value of the women they work with and at the same time, they want to empower the women who wear the PURA UTZ design.