PosĂ© PosĂȘ is a Danish lifestyle brand and design studio founded by Martyna Golik and Sisse Witek in 2018. PosĂ© PosĂȘ creates textile products that bring together a strong design aesthetic and sustainable principles. After working with the conventional textile industry, the designers wanted to improve its sustainability initiatives. Therefore, PosĂ© PosĂȘ creates hand-tufted rugs with specific focus on minimal resource waste.

The wool used for the rugs stems from New Zealand – the spare wool from the textile production is the baseline of PosĂ© PosĂȘ’s rugs. The designers select the wool themselves in order to ensure the highest possible quality. The expression of PosĂ© PosĂȘ’s rug line is characterized by abstract shapes merged with expressive colour combinations.