In 2015, Olivia Rohde got her Bachelor in Photographic Communication from the Danish School of Media and Journalism, and ever since she has been working full time as a freelance photographer – primarily within fashion photography and portraits. In addition to her commercial work, Olivia strives to maintain the creative and experimental aspects of photography that she originally fell in love with. Olivia has participated in several collabs with artists and photographers as well as held exhibitions in Copenhagen.

About her approach to photography, Olivia says: “In order for me to find a project interesting and relevant, it needs to be contextual; contextual in the sense that the pictures need depth and a connection to something more. I would describe my pictures as a form of abstract visual proof – the motifs need to emphasize my point and guide the observer towards understanding. I find it important that everything is considered so that the observer is guided towards their interpretation in a proper manner. When my projects exist in physical space, the observer should sense that I have been there making conscious choices. In that way, a connection between the observer and I is created without me being there”.