HELENE STAHL HOLM is a new and exciting design name on the Danish fashion scene. The woman behind the brand carries the name name, and Helene created the brand as a counterreaction to the culture she met when she began her career in the commercial part of the industry. Expression, shape and beautiful qualities are the DNA of Helene’s design. HELENE STAHL HOLM only uses carefully chosen deadstock fabrics. In this way, HELENE STAHL HOLM creates clothing on the basis of minimal fabric production. This all means that there only are a few of each style: Some are made in 10 copies while others only one. With a slow fashion approach, HELENE STAHL HOLM does not adhere to the typical season based production. Helene continually creates new designs. Instead of setting deadlines, the inspiration and the creative process dictate the pace. As a point of departure, no styles become out of stock as the production begins when the customer orders. All production takes place in Denmark.