About Duedahl

Mette Duedahl is a Danish ceramist who graduated from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts Schools of Architecture, Design and Conservation at Bornholm in 2011.

Mette Duedahl was originally a photographer, but she lacked one element in order to convey aesthetics in the way that she wanted to. When Mette started to work with ceramics, she then realized that the three-dimensional handicraft was crucial for her.

It is important to Mette Duedahl to work with aesthetics but on a functional level. The functional perspective was also one of the pillars of her final project at KADK, inspired by her parents’ old stoneware cutlery. The need of a beautiful and functional french press was the foundation of Mette Duedahl’s brand. Therefore, she designed a ceramic french press, which today is known as PUSH. The french press and additional mugs were selected to be part of the Craft Collection 2017 and later Muuto mass-produced Mette Duedahl’s products.

Mette Duedahl says: “It is not aesthetics for the sake of the aestheticians, but it is the functionality of the product that is in focus.”

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