About Camilla Glad

Camilla Glad has a design degree from the Danish Design School. She likes to work with different materials, but ceramics is the one that keeps her attention and which she works with full time in her studio in the center of Copenhagen.

She switches between making small collections of functional objects like bowls and cups and working with pieces of which the primary function is to tell the story of the tactility and sensuous qualities of the material. On purpose, her pieces are in the phere between art and design as she thinks that arts and crafts are important in these modern times. It contributes to people’s lives to be surrounded with special things made with love and reflection. Materials and craftsmanship are also great sources of inspiration for Camilla Glad. Experimenting with colours, patterns and techniques. Putting the ceramics into a contemporary artistic context, making sure that there always is something to explore and that all of her work is in constant development. Clay is a very physical material, and working with clay is a slow process where you have to be present. You need to feel where your material is in the process and conform to nature.