If a picture says more than 1000 words, Anne Mie Bak Andersen’s photo art says a million of them.

Anne Mie Bak Andersen’s work reflects the battle between the human pursuit for growth on the one hand and Mother Nature on the other hand. With a lense in her hand and a political message in her heart, she perpetuates a reality that is truly unkind and at the same time hypnotizingly beautiful.

Anne Mie Bak Andersen is not only born with a sixth sense for photography – she also has a First Class Honours degree from the Glasgow School of Fine Art Photography. In a breathtaking testimony of mankind and nature, she leaves the viewer with the question of where humanity is going and whether growth and nature go hand in hand.

We are proud to represent a woman with something at heart. Enjoy her art here yourself and become inspired with food for thought.